Fall Programs at Heartland Farm Sanctuary

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Please note: Heartland is currently in the process of moving! All people programming will be held at our new location: 424 US Hwy 51 Stoughton, WI 53589.  This session of camp will include a very special homecoming celebration when we welcome the rest of the animals to their new home. Read more below!

Fall Camp: Multi-Age Edition (5-15)

Saturdays from 9:30 am-12:30 pm, October 1st — November 19th + A special celebration in December!

Sign up for this session of fall camp and be part of Heartland’s history! This session’s fall campers will be among the first to welcome our animal residents to their new home once our brand new barn is complete. It will be a homecoming celebration like no other!

In addition to the homecoming celebration, fall campers will spend eight Saturday mornings with our humane educators at our new Stoughton campus. We’ll create art from nature, work in our new garden beds, spend time with our rescued residents (like our rescued rabbit, Khloe!), prepare welcoming gifts for our Verona animals’ arrival and much more!

And we’re opening this session up to even more ages – 5 to 15! In multi-age camps and classrooms, older children help teach younger children by modeling more sophisticated, complex problem solving and critical thinking. This also allows them to organically learn about leadership, mentoring and collaboration. The younger children can seek guidance from older children rather than having to rely solely on assistance from an adult. This not only enriches their learning experience, it also allows them to develop independence and to feel secure in their capabilities. Multi-age experiences cultivate a child-led learning environment and a lifelong love of learning.

Limited tuition assistance is available and awarded on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at Info@HeartlandFarmSanctuary.org to apply, and include the subject line “Fall Camp”.
Class enrollment must reach at least 6 children by 4:00pm on 9/30 in order for this session to be held.

Cancellation Policy:

Families who contact us to cancel their enrollment in Fall Camp: Multi-Age Edition before the enrollment cutoff on September 30th (9/30) at 4:00pm will receive a full tuition refund, minus the $25 registration fee that is charged per family. Families who contact us to cancel their enrollment in Fall Camp: Multi-Age Edition after September 30th at 4:00pm will be charged the full cost of their tuition as a cancellation fee (plus the $25 registration fee).

In the event that this Fall session is completely cancelled by Heartland, enrolled families will receive a full refund of all of the session’s fees.

If an enrolled participant does not attend a day or days of camp due to scheduling conflicts, health concerns, the family’s choice, or other circumstances beyond Heartland’s control, the family will NOT be refunded for the cost of the missed day/days. If any days of camp are cancelled by Heartland, however, affected families will be refunded the cost (i.e. partial tuition) of those cancelled days.

Our Rescued Residents

Heartland has been recognized as one of the nation’s premier farm animal sanctuaries. We provide high-quality, specialized care, hope and healing for animals who have suffered abuse, neglect, and have nowhere else to go. Many of our rescued residents experience safety and compassion for the very first time after walking through our sanctuary doors.

The vast majority of rescued animals who find hope at Heartland will remain at the sanctuary for their entire lives. When possible, we place animals in safe and loving homes. And we serve as a resource for shelters and county agencies around the state who request our assistance with farm animal abandonment and cruelty cases.

  • Cookie

  • Cupcake

  • Archer

  • Arnold

  • Blue

  • Beau

  • Billy

  • Blossom

  • Daisy

  • Chachi

  • Fonsi

  • Darkwing

  • Dolly

  • Donna

  • Crystal

  • Toast

  • Esme

  • Esther

  • Fern

  • Flower

  • Gracie

  • Harriet

  • Joan

  • Sable

  • Justice

  • Libby (Liberty)

  • Maybelle

  • Mick

  • Thor

  • Orion

  • Mister

  • Percy

  • Pico

  • Rosie

  • Rudy

  • Sunflower

  • Ash

  • Tank

  • Teddy

  • Theo

  • Rascal

  • Tofu

  • Popcorn

  • Venus

  • Vincenzo

  • Xena

  • Zeus

  • Stella

  • Ms. Everdeen

  • Goldie

  • Shanta

  • Missy

  • Wolfie

  • Hershey

  • Petri

  • Alice

  • Sassafras

  • Jerry

  • Frankie

  • Murphy

  • Truffle

  • Honey

  • Khloe

  • Betty White

  • Laverne

  • Shirley

  • Cream Puff

  • Hank

  • Cinder

  • Dandelion

  • Maple

  • Penny

  • Ruth

  • Betula

  • Aspen

  • Brucey

Heartland's new address is 424 US Hwy 51 Stoughton, WI 53589

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