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Stable Supporter

As a Stable Supporter, your monthly gift provides high-quality, individualized care for our rescued farm animal residents and allows us to operate our unique people programs that inspire compassion for all. Simply put – monthly donors allow us to do the work we do each day.

Your Monthly Donation Makes a Difference


Provides straw bedding for two of our rescued farm animal residents


Sends one child to one of Heartland’s experiential therapy programs.


Provides a scholarship for one child to attend Heartland’s humane education camps.


Purchases 13 bales of feed hay — one month of food for our herd of rescued goats and sheep.

"We are so pleased to be Stable Supporters. By giving monthly, we are contributing to a stable financial base for Heartland Farm Sanctuary. It's an easy and rewarding way to help our farm animal friends and the future of Heartland Farm Sanctuary."

Patty & Dan Subach, dedicated Heartland volunteers and Stable Supporters Tweet