Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Heartland Farm Sanctuary’s mission is to inspire compassion for all beings by offering a safe, welcoming space where people and farm animals come together to experience growth, healing and connection. 

At Heartland, we provide high-quality, specialized care to rescued farm animals, offer inclusive humane education programs for learners of all ages and provide experiential therapy to ensure the Heartland community is accessible for everyone.

Our DEI Statement

Heartland’s mission of inspiring compassion for all beings means embodying inclusivity is in who we are

Our compassionate campus aims to serve a diverse population of people and farm animals while providing growth, healing and connection for all. Together, we strive to be a community of beings that is more different than alike. 

As such, we welcome volunteers, visitors, campers, therapy participants and staff from all corners of the community. Our doors are open. Come on in!

Our Vision

Be an inspiring home for animals and people by creating a safe, restorative space and community where people and animals connect to heal and nurture one another.

Serve as thought leaders in compassionate programming by developing an innovative learning environment for empathy, community-engagement programs and therapy.

Provide exceptional, individualized animal care to ensure our residents live a life rich with companionship, love, health and enrichment.

Create rippling influence and impact by sharing our knowledge through accessible resources and engaged ambassadors.

Support our team by investing in staff and volunteers through compassion, compensation, recognition, and acceptance.

Build financial stability and growth through creative fundraising, donor relationships, and endowments to maximize long-term sustainability.

Our Core Values​

UNWAVERING COMPASSION: When we say compassion, we mean it. We approach people and animals with gentleness, respect, and an understanding that each of us brings intrinsic value and our own unique story. We seek to become even more aware of that value when circumstances are challenging or unclear. Soak up compassion for yourself and you’ll be surprised how it radiates onto others. Shine on, friends.

COURAGEOUS AUTHENTICITY: We are unapologetically imperfect and celebrate people and animals as they are. We embrace vulnerability and courageously show up as we are in the hopes that you will show up exactly as you are. That’s the world we want to live in and the community we want to create.

ENDURING CONNECTIONS: We’re not here for flash in the pan friendships. We build lasting relationships and create meaningful connections between people, animals, and each other. So take off your muddy boots and stay for a while.

SANCTUARY: We are profoundly committed to providing a safe place in the world where animals and people have their physical and emotional needs met. We ask that you approach all beings with kindness and an open mind. In return, we are dedicated to upholding a space that allows for hope, healing and growth.

HUMANE EDUCATION: Throw out your textbooks; we’re here to get to the heart of what it means to be human and in relationship with animals and our world. We are a community of learners and pledge to share our knowledge with everyone to affect compassionate change. Both how we teach and the outcomes we seek are rooted in kindness.

STEADFAST INCLUSION: Whoever you are, there is a seat for you at our table. Together, we strive to be a community of beings that is more different than alike. We believe that you can’t serve a diverse world if you don’t embody that diversity. Our doors are open, come on in. (Unless you’re shame. Shame, you’re not on our guest list.)

The Story Behind Our Logo

In 2018, we reflected on how Heartland has grown, yet stayed true to its compassionate mission of people helping animals and animals helping people. After nine years with our original logo, we realized it was time to give Heartland a fresh new face that was a true reflection of our safe space that our sanctuary remains for all.

At first, we were totally heart-averse because of the fact that they tend to represent a commercial ideal that didn’t feel relatable or genuine. But what if it was a “wonky” heart that was a little off-kilter? That symbolizes our sanctuary of perfectly imperfect beings, and all the parts that make up our diverse mission?

We see the sides and bottom of the barn as embracing the people and animals within our sanctuary and providing a safe, welcoming space for all.

The green dots represent the compassion that not only exists within our sanctuary but emanates out into the community and beyond.

We can’t thank the designers at Tingalls Graphic Design enough for listening to us (hour after hour) and completely capturing what Heartland means to us, and hopefully to all of you.

Change Lives With Your Gift

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