Miniature Dwarf Horse
Arrived: 2016-12-26

Cookie's personality is much larger than her tiny frame. She is equal parts majestic and hilarious - a very happy little horse!


Eating fresh feed hay from directly under the feeder (so much of it gets stuck in her mane!), enjoying lots of fanfare from Heartland's staff & volunteers, grazing in the pasture with Joan and her donkey friends.

About Cookie

Cookie and her best friend, Joan the sheep, originally lived in a less-than-wonderful home. Joan was no longer wanted after her breeding days were over, and Cookie had substantial underlying dental issues that caused her to become severely underweight. They were rescued and cared for in a loving home just north of the Green Bay area. Their owners had wanted to start their own sanctuary, but they unfortunately ended up having to move away from their farm after one of them received a job out of state. They of course wanted Cookie and Joan to be loved and looked after in the wake of their unexpected departure. They looked no further than Heartland Farm Sanctuary, where the bonded twosome are living out their days enjoying their sweet friendship. From day one, Cookie has charmed volunteers, staff and visitors with her charismatic and confident personality. She is such a little sweetheart. She's also had multiple dental surgeries during her time at Heartland which has completely improved her quality of life and allowed her to gain much-needed weight. As a miniature horse born with dwarfism, Cookie's body presents many health challenges,, but our medical team does an excellent job keeping up with Cookie's preventative care (which includes frequent hoof trimmings and dental care, among other things) to give Cookie a great quality of life in her golden years.

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