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Heartland Farm Sanctuary is a place where individual therapy, animal care, and humane education programming intertwine, enriching the lives of all who enter. No one illustrates that idea more than Colin, whose journey began when our new accessible facility enabled him to participate comfortably despite the physical challenges that can come with having autism. Starting with our individual therapy program to support his goals, Colin found a safe, accepting space where he could flourish in ways that were previously unattainable. Inspired by his growth, Colin’s therapist encouraged an internship with our humane education program, designed to cultivate children’s natural empathy for people, animals, and our planet. Now, he helps lead field trips and public tours. Known as a natural pig whisperer, he particularly enjoys educating visitors about pigs, aiming to correct misconceptions and inspire greater compassion. Heartland's vibrant ecosystem of care fosters a cycle of mutual healing, and Colin’s story shows how complementary programs of compassion and education work together to enhance the experience for all involved. Operating this ecosystem across 38 acres, with multiple barns and three core programs, requires significant resources. Would you consider a gift today so that our friends — both two-legged and four-legged — can continue to grow and thrive? Every contribution makes a difference.

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