Broad Breasted White turkey
Arrived: 2022-11-11

Shirley is a charmer with a major inquisitive side. She likes to explore her surroundings (which might include you, if you're joining her for a cuddle!) by pecking at absolutely everything and anything. She's also a sweetheart who will absolutely fall asleep in your arms if you let her.


Inspecting your glasses, earrings, any accessory really. This girl wants to know what's up!

About Shirley

Shirley and Laverne were two of dozens of animals Heartland rescued after their owner was evicted from their farm property. Right after their rescue, the turkey hens snuggled together in our intake area, relieved to be safe and warm. Rescued just before Thanksgiving in 2022, Laverne and Shirley were welcomed to their sanctuary life by our amazing supporters, two of whom picked out names for the Darling Duo. Laverne and Shirley, you are so loved.

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