Suffolk Sheep
Arrived: 2016-12-26

Joan can be a bit nervous and fearful when you first meet her, but if you can give her some chest scratches, you'll win her over.


Joan loves her Heartland family and is especially bonded with our donkeys, Chachi and Fonsi. Joan also loves listening to music!

About Joan

Joan and Heartland's dwarf horse, Cookie, arrived at Heartland together. They originally lived in a less-than-wonderful home. Joan was no longer wanted after her breeding days were over, and Cookie had substantial underlying dental issues that caused her to become severely underweight. They were rescued and cared for in a loving home just north of the Green Bay area by owners who had wanted to start their own sanctuary. They unfortunately ended up having to move away from their farm after one of them received a job out of state. They looked no further than Heartland, where the bonded twosome are now living very happily ever after. Joan also has really bonded with our two miniature donkeys, Chachi and Fonsi.

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