Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Arrived: 2020-07-27

Curious, outgoing, and definitely mischievous. Rascal lives up to his name!


Grazing, hanging out with the big pigs in their pasture, chewing on your pants, your hair, your shirt, etc.

About Rascal

Rascal arrived at Heartland in July 2020, along with his friend, Buddy. The two boys were purchased as family pets, but after being diagnosed with a very common goat disease, were facing euthanasia if a new home wasn't found. Since their condition is something already present in our goat herd and is easily managed, we knew we had to step in to save the two little boys. Sadly, Buddy passed away not long after his rescue, at the beginning of April 2021. Rascal's adventurous nature and spitfire personality has made life around the goat and sheep pasture much more interesting!

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