Mixed Breed Rooster
Arrived: 2020-03-22

Theo is a busy body who loves taking care of his hen family. He's very sweet, curious and happy-go-lucky.


Hanging out with his hen family, the #Verona11, climbing on top of straw bales, sunbathing, crowing!

About Theo

Theo came to Heartland after being rescued at Pioneer Days Festival in February 2020. Pioneer Days is an annual event in northern Wisconsin, and part of this event is a “Free Chicken Fly” which consists of throwing many chickens, one or two at a time, up in the air from a roof. Crowds scramble to grab the birds as they fall to the ground. Theo survived being thrown off of a roof, and we are honored to provide sanctuary for him now. A special thank you to our friends at Farm Bird Sanctuary for caring for Theo during his quarantine period.

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