Vol Spotlight: Emily Corner

Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Corner

We are pleased to feature Sunday morning Animal Care volunteer, Emily Corner, who is celebrating her six-year anniversary this month!

When asked why she wanted to volunteer at HFS, Emily says, “In some form at a very young age, I declared that pigs were my favorite animal. This led to me having one of those childhoods which from that day forward for every birthday and every possible occasion I would be gifted any and every pig-themed thing imaginable. Pigs and their farm companions have always felt like part of my identity. After moving to Madison, I jumped at the chance to interact with them firsthand and get to know them in a way I couldn’t as a kid watching Babe for the millionth time.”

Emily has been around long enough that she does a little bit of everything during her shifts – from making colorful healthy salads for the residents to doing a deep, therapeutic muck. She loves the care that everyone has for each other – both animal and human. She says, “Compassion is such a radical thing, and the ways in which it’s practiced at Heartland is empowering. The animal care staff and volunteers are so committed and show so much love and respect to the animals. And we receive so much from them in return. I particularly love witnessing the ways in which all the different animals care for one another, like Libby covering her brother Justice with blankets, and Gracie goose helping her friend Cream Puff gain confidence and learn the ropes of rescued goose life. I’m always inspired by the solidarity animals have within their communities, and I love watching the sanctuary residents flourish and immerse themselves into the community of Heartland.”

When asked the difficult “favorite animal” question, she couldn’t deny her love for Arnold the mini pig, 1000%. She says, “Arnold found Heartland just after I did, and I feel like we’ve blossomed here together. He’s a sensitive soul with big feelings and an occasional attitude, but he is all the more loved for it by his friends. When I used to do the evening shift, Arnold would always be the hardest to find at the end of the night. Either way out in the farthest reaches of the pasture, or buried in a mountain of straw in the Verona arena space. He goes about his business with the utmost confidence and independence, but is still always ready for a nice cuddle with his friend Percy at the end of the day.”

Outside of Heartland, Emily enjoys trying new vegan recipes with her fiancé, Daniel, doing house projects (after all, she is an interior designer), and going for long walks with and giving lots of snuggles to their rescue pittie, Pepper. She’s always on the hunt for cool things to fill their home (some of which may or may not be pig-themed). 

In closing Emily says, “Heartland and the people I’ve met have truly changed my life. I became a volunteer to spend time with animals, but I just happened to also meet one of my best friends who is now officiating our wedding this May. Sanctuary work is such a special cause, and has a way of bringing people together for life.”

We are so grateful that Heartland brought you to us, Emily! THANK YOU for your steadfast dedication, reliability, compassion and loving energy.