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Field Trips at the Sanctuary: Explore sanctuary life!

(ages 3-15)

Offered September through May
Cost: $10 per student and chaperone, teachers are free

Explore sanctuary life with Heartland Farm Sanctuary’s Field Trips! Engage in a two-part experience—classroom visit and sanctuary tour. Meet rescued farm animals, learn about compassionate care, foster a love for the environment, and gain an introduction to environmental stewardship.

We cannot wait to share our sanctuary with you. 

Already had your classroom visit and you’re ready to schedule your trip to the sanctuary?

Safety is always our first priority

We are dedicated to collaborating with you and your child to set them up for a successful and positive experience in our programs. Our first priority is always your child’s safety, and if at any point during the intake or enrollment process or during participation in our programs we feel that Heartland is not a safe environment for your child, we reserve the right to pause or discontinue their enrollment or participation.

What will your students experience during a field trip to Heartland Farm Sanctuary?


Students will hear stories of resilience shown by our rescued animals, see the friendships they have with the animals they live with and the people who care for them, and see how compassion, kindness and acceptance make HFS a true sanctuary for farm animals in need.

The Human-Animal Connection

Heartland is the perfect place for kids to be part of the magic that happens when people and animals rescue each other. As your students rotate through different activities, they will meet and interact with many of our rescued animal residents, each with a unique story to share.

Growth & Development

Our sanctuary is a living classroom for social and emotional growth and development! How do we care for and build trust with animals who have been neglected and abused? How do we provide appropriate care to over a dozen different species of animals who have a variety of needs? How do animals find their place with new groups of friends once they arrive?

Muddy Boots Disclaimer:

Conditions at the sanctuary are sometimes muddy. Wear appropriate (close-toed) shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Long pants are best. You may want to bring along a filled water bottle for hot days. 

Change Lives With Your Gift

Your tax-deductible donation to Heartland Farm Sanctuary allows us to care for farm animals in need and operate our unique people programs that inspire compassion for animals, the earth and each other.