Field Trips

Field trips at Heartland Farm Sanctuary offer students the opportunity to connect with our animals through experiencing what it’s like to care for them, learning about their unique characteristics and interacting with them up close and personally.

Heartland's Field Trip Programs

Please note: Our spring field trips have ended for the Spring 2021 season. Due to our own summer programming, we are unable to host field trips during the summer months. If you’re interested in scheduling a field trip for Fall 2021, please email us at!

We are able to host groups of up to 12 total participants at the sanctuary, so that we can maintain adherence to current CDC guidelines. We’ve also created a virtual field trip experience, which you can read more about below. Questions? Contact Julie Wulff, one of our Humane Educators, at

Heartland’s field trip programs meet several Wisconsin State Standards in Science and Social Emotional Learning. Field trips are led by our Humane Educators and are designed specifically for the age and learning goals of the group. Please click here to view specific standards for different grade levels

Rates: Admission is $10 per child and our current maximum capacity is 12 participants at a time .  Chaperones are $10, and should refrain from bringing younger siblings. Teachers and aides are free, but please note that the minimum fee for field trips is $100. 

Field trips can be scheduled at 9:45 AM or 1 PM and last one hour and 45 minutes.

*The above rates apply for public schools, private schools, preschools, daycares and home schools. Non-profit organizations may inquire about a reduced tour rate by emailing

Reservations for field trips must be made 10 business days in advance and a $50 deposit is required at the time of reservation. Spaces fill up quickly!

Additional Information:

  • Students, teachers and chaperones should wear close-toed shoes, but boots are better (rain boots are highly recommended!) Depending on the weather, certain areas of the property may be muddy. Guests wearing open-toed shoes or sandals may not be permitted in certain areas.
  • Restrooms (porta potty), soap/water, and hand sanitizer are available.
  • Please note that HFS staff has the right and responsibility to keep our sanctuary residents safe. Students may be asked to move to a different area if the safety of animals or other children is at risk.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made five business days prior to the field trip date, in order to reschedule for an alternate date or refund the deposit. Deposit is non-refundable if trip is canceled within five business days of scheduled field trip. If your group arrives late, the end time of the field trip will remain as scheduled. HFS has the right to decide which activities will be shortened or eliminated due to the shortened time.

Introducing: Virtual Field Trips

For the past several years, Heartland has hosted hundreds of kids from a variety of school districts and preschools for field trips at the sanctuary. March and April are usually filled with preparations, planning, and scheduling for our young visitors. When COVID hit in the spring of 2020, we found ourselves, along with everyone else, at a complete standstill. This fall, as it became clear that the pandemic was going to be a longer term event that would change how we did almost everything – especially how kids attended school – we got to work figuring out how we could bring Heartland to students and teachers when they couldn’t come to us.

“A Day at the Barn” is a virtual field trip experience we created as a way to connect with students and teachers and share our message of inspiring compassion for all beings through introducing them to our rescued animals in a fun, engaging, and accessible way.

Through our virtual field trip experience, we hope to bring some smiles to kids’ faces, introduce them to Heartland and our rescued residents, and offer them a chance to see farmed animals through a compassionate lens.

In addition to the virtual field trip experience and supporting activities, we’re extending the experience with a live Zoom session called “Ask Heartland”, in which students can ask questions directly to our Humane Education staff members at the sanctuary (accompanied by our animals of course!)

Our goal is two-fold: We want to offer an experience that’s easy for teachers to utilize regardless of the educational model they’re currently using in their district and school building, and we want the experience to be accessible to all children in a variety of settings, so there’s no fee for the virtual field trip experience, and the “Ask Heartland” sessions are offered on a pay-what-you-can basis.

We can’t wait to welcome groups of students back to the sanctuary in person, but until then, we’re spreading our mission and working to create a more compassionate world, one classroom at a time.

What will your students experience during a field trip to Heartland Farm Sanctuary?


Students will hear stories of resilience shown by our rescued animals, see the friendships they have with the animals they live with and the people who care for them, and see how compassion, kindness and acceptance make HFS a true sanctuary for farm animals in need.

The Human-Animal Connection

Heartland is the perfect place for kids to be part of the magic that happens when people and animals rescue each other. As your students rotate through different activities, they will meet and interact with many of our rescued animal residents, each with a unique story to share.

Growth & Development

Our sanctuary is a living classroom for social and emotional growth and development! How do we care for and build trust with animals who have been neglected and abused? How do we provide appropriate care for 12 different species of animals who have a variety of needs? How do animals find their place with new groups of friends once they arrive?

Muddy Boots Disclaimer:

Conditions at the barn are sometimes muddy. Wear appropriate (close-toed) shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Long pants are best. You may want to bring along a filled water bottle for hot days. Tours are held rain or shine!

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