Frankie & Charlotte: A story of friendship and kindness for the ages

Meet Frankie: Frankie is a four-year-old ‘city pig’ who came to Heartland to enjoy the sanctuary life while his mom searches for a farm property that can better meet his needs (more adventure, mud pits and friends).

Meet Charlotte: Charlotte is an eight-year-old human who lives with complex medical conditions which unexpectedly took a turn for the worse this year. Her parents sought out Heartland's programs to build on her social and communication skills and to cope with the resulting traumas in her life. During Charlotte's very first therapy session, she met Frankie. Inspired, she set a goal to work with and learn about pigs.

'Spending time at Heartland is good because the animals love you and accept you for who you are,' Charlotte said. 'They don’t care if you have a hard time with things. They still love you.' And Frankie the pig, well he learned to love and trust Charlotte. He enjoys her company, her belly rubs and looks forward to the apple treat she brings every week. It's a match made in piggy paradise.

Stories like Frankie's and Charlotte's serve as a reminder of the impact of your support. Every being who experiences Heartland as a safe space is changed forever for the better—creating a ripple of hope and compassion that radiates into our communities and beyond. Heartland relies on your support to be a place of sanctuary to those who need it most. We simply cannot do this without you. Please make your year-end gift today.

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