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Easter Egger Hen
Arrived: 2017-07-17

A tornado of charisma, Xena is an outgoing, lively gal who goes for what she wants.


Xena loves mealtimes, dustbathing with her hen friends, and exploring the sanctuary grounds. She's also been known to fly up on your shoulder (or the top of your head) if you don't serve her breakfast quickly enough. :)

About Xena

Xena was hatched on a farm and rescued just in the nick of time by a vet who happened to be there checking on another animal. Because of Xena's severe crossed beak, she had been put in a plastic bag to suffocate. A cross beak is usually from a vitamin deficiency in the egg, or an injury sustained before hatching. We make sure Xena has access to crumbled feed (versus pellets) at all times, and chop up her salads extra fine to make sure she maintains a healthy weight.

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