Arrived: 2022-05-29

Truffle and Murphy are competitive over everything, and sometimes Truffle will headbutt in order to communicate or show off in front of Murphy. He's an incredibly sweet and shy boy, and is working on building up his confidence.


Shenanigans with Murphy, exploring the new barn, hanging out with people, learning how to goat.

About Truffle

Murphy and Truffle* are four-year-old twin Oberhasli goats who needed a safe place to land after their two previous homes didn't work out as expected. After their mom passed away, the boys were bottle fed at a family hobby farm. They were well loved and free-ranged there until they started escaping the property about a year ago. Then the twins went to stay at an alpaca farm, but couldn't remain there after they started chasing the baby alpacas. Both boys are very sweet and friendly, and likely needed more enrichment and socialization (which they get plenty of at HFS!) *Truffle's original name was Trouble, but we wanted to give him a fresh start at Heartland with zero negative connotations, while keeping the sound of his name very similar.

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