Potbellied Pig
Arrived: 2016-08-03

An independent pig who always keeps us guessing, Tank is a bit of a lone wolf who likes to do his own thing. And we respect that (and love him for it).


Grazing with the sheep, taking dips in his mud pits, blazing his own trail

About Tank

In 2016, Heartland was contacted by Esther's Army about a pig who desperately needed a new home. Tank did not get along with his owner's husband, or the dogs in their household, and in turn he was starting to act out and become aggressive toward people and other animals. To make matters worse, the city where Tank's family lived threatened to start fining them $200 a day, since pigs are not allowed in city limits. Heartland was Tank's only hope, and we're happy his family decided to give him the life that every pig deserves.

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