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Game Hen
Arrived: 2015-01-31

Energetic, yet gentle and demure.


Petri loves snacking on delicious salads and getting out in the fresh air and scratching in the dirt with her friend, Pico the rooster.

About Petri

Petri was rescued in January of 2015. She was one of 126 chickens who had been seized from a cockfighting ring in Glenwood City, Wisconsin, and were on their way to a processing plant. We rescued the birds just in the nick of time. The chickens were raised and kept in deplorable conditions and many came to us with a variety of health problems: lice, internal parasites, severe respiratory problems, and malnourishment. Despite receiving vet care, proper food and lots of love at Heartland, several of the survivors passed away, but many were also adopted into loving companion homes. A group of birds remained at Heartland, and Petri has since outlived every one of her flockmates from that case. She is a lovely senior gal and we're keeping her golden years as comfy, cozy and happy as possible.

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