Potbellied Pig
Arrived: 2015-11-08

Charismatic, friendly and very social


Exploring and grazing in the Heartland pastures, going on field trips with our staffer, Tera, and enjoying Cheerio treats!

About Percy

Percy was purchased from a breeder who claimed he was a "micro mini teacup" pig and would only weigh about 30 pounds full grown. We're here to tell you: "Micro" "mini" "teacup" pigs do not exist, and while potbellied pigs could be considered "mini" in comparison to their farm pig counterparts, they can easily weight up to 200 lbs fully grown. Percy was well-loved and safe with his former owners, but also depressed and frustrated being an indoor pig. As much as his parents loved him, they knew they couldn't give Percy the "pig life" he so needed and deserved. We're so grateful to Percy's parents for realizing that this special pig needed a life filled with green pastures, sunshine, mud baths, and, most importantly, pig friends to share his life with. Percy is also Heartland's “Ambassador Pig”, meaning he often travels out into the community and attends Heartland's special events - he's all about teaching people about how special potbellied pigs are.

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