Arrived: 2012-11-15

At first glance, Mister can be a little intimidating and loud. Once you get to know him, however, you'll realize he is extremely in-tune to everyone's emotions, loves affection, and is a great communicator.


Mister loves honking, hissing, and showing off. But deep down, he's a sensitive soul who is dedicated to keeping his duck friends safe. When he takes a break from his constant role of protector, he loves munching on romaine lettuce and taking dips in his pool.

About Mister

Mister was born in 1994 and arrived at Heartland along with his mate, Missus, in 2012. When Mister arrived, he proved to be a strong and independent personality, and his main job was protecting Missus and keeping her happy. Unfortunately, Missus passed away a few months after their arrival. Mister was very sad, but he soon realized his love for people, as well as the rescued ducks at the sanctuary, who are now his closest friends.

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