Maybelle profile


Potbellied Pig
Arrived: 2017-05-18

Confident and a little intimidating, Maybelle isn't afraid to ask for what she wants! (And she might give you a little nip on the shin if you don't give it to her quickly enough!)


Climbing up the manure pile for a nap in the sunshine, splashing in her mud pit, RUNNING when she hears the dinner bell!

About Maybelle

Maybelle came from Southern Illinois where she lived in a small enclosure with two dogs who regularly attacked her. At some point, her owners abandoned her in the middle of town and she was on her own for several months. People saw her being teased by kids and regularly things were thrown at her, if she came near anyone. The town decided to shoot her, as they didn't have any animal control facility that could accommodate her. Thankfully, Hands & Hooves Rescue was contacted and they were able to swoop in and save Maybelle before it was too late. They then reached out to Heartland to see if we could give her a forever home.

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