Aberdeen/Black Angus
Arrived: 2023-11-30

Magnolia (or 'Nola) is a very curious and charming cow. She's a bit more reserved around humans, but we think she'll get more comfortable the longer she's with us.


This bonded trio stick pretty closely together, and they love doing things as a group: Grazing in the pasture, hanging out with the llamas, and of course - snuggling in the straw together at night.

About Magnolia

Magnolia is Juniper's older sister, and both ladies are Rose's daughters. This adorable family was initially rescued in 2019 after their previous owner unexpectedly passed away. The farmer's family chose to save the remaining cows and send them to a sanctuary instead of the sale barn. Originally, it was only Rose and Juniper who were rescued, and unbeknownst to the sanctuary, Rose was already pregnant with Magnolia when she arrived. Unfortunately, their previous sanctuary faced some unforeseen challenges and had to close its doors. But the entire family now have a new safe and loving home at Heartland. Fun fact: Rose and Magnolia are identical! The only difference is that Magnolia has a patch of white fur on her underbelly.

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