Libby (Liberty)

Meishan Pig
Arrived: 2020-01-15

Self-assured, playful, affectionate


Soaking in mud pits, getting belly rubs and ear scratches, napping in the sunshine

About Libby (Liberty)

Liberty (Libby) and Justice arrived at Heartland in January 2020, when they were both around 10 months old. Their former owner had obtained both piglets from a traveling petting zoo in Minnesota and intended to keep Libby and Justice as pets. Soon, however, they became too large and unruly (Meishans average 275-400 lbs when fully grown) so she contacted Heartland for help. Justice was living in her home but Libby refused to come inside, and with the frigid winter temps dipping below zero, as well as coyotes who were getting closer and closer to Libby’s outdoor bed, we knew we had to help. Two dedicated staff members drove late into the freezing cold night to bring both pigs back to Heartland, where they received compassionate care and the freedom to just be pigs. Shortly after arriving at the sanctuary, both Libby and Justice required surgeries at the UW Veterinary Hospital. Libby was spayed, and Justice had an extensive neuter surgery. These days, they are both living the sanctuary life. Libby loves grazing, rolling in the mud, and enjoying social time with her pig friend, Betty White!

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