Arrived: 2023-07-09

Leif seems very friendly, curious and sweet. He's interested in engaging with people and his surroundings.


We'll update Leif's favorites once we get to know him better!

About Leif

Leif is a very sweet, young rooster who was abandoned (along with his rooster friend, Gunnar) at Viking Park in Stoughton. These two boys had to fight for their lives until a good Samaritan happened upon them and called Heartland. Keeping backyard roosters is considered illegal in many cities and towns, including Stoughton, so young roosters are often 'let go' or dumped in wilderness areas where, because of lack of food, shelter and any protection from predators, their chances of survival are slim. Since their rescue, Leif and Gunnar have happily made Heartland their home. You can find these two strutting proudly in our safe and welcoming barn, and their transformation since their arrival has been truly heartwarming.

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