Harriet pig


Potbellied Pig
Arrived: 2018-02-23

Motivated, confident, fierce!


Harriet is known as "The Motivator" and loves bossing around the other potbellied pigs. She loves roaming the sanctuary grounds, grazing, and getting her back scratched.

About Harriet

Heartland was contacted by a humane officer about a potbellied pig in absolutely dire circumstances. For months, this potbellied pig lived alone in a dark and windowless cramped space with no access to fresh air or sunshine. She didn’t have straw to keep her warm. Water was scarce. Food came in the form of corn and rotten table scraps thrown to her every few days. That was the extent of any social interaction. Her days were spent in darkness, alone. She wasn’t even given a name. In 2018, Heartland staff, with the help of the humane officer, rescued the potbellied pig who has never known love or kindness. She was taken from her locked, dark shed and brought to the UW Veterinary Clinic, where she gulped down the first fresh water she’d received in some time. She was dehydrated, extremely overweight from her poor diet, her hooves were severely overgrown, and her skin was patchy with mange and open, painful wounds. Even though she was now safe in her forever home, she still had a long road ahead of her. But at last, she was given a name - Harriet. After a night at the vet, Harriet came home to Heartland. She enjoyed a proper breakfast (potbellied pig feed and fresh veggies) and was led to her new stall. She rooted around in fresh straw and blankets – a first for her. She eventually let out a loud, contented sigh, and promptly fell asleep. The beginning of Harriet’s story was filled with heartbreak. But now, she only knows love and kindness.

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