Potbellied Pig
Arrived: 2020-10-28

Frankie is friendly, fierce, and loves to be the star of the show.


Walking the barn aisle like it's his own personal runway, cuddling in fluffy piles of straw, and enjoying the occasional bedtime cupcake.

About Frankie

Frankie (full name = Frankenswine) is a three-year-old potbellied pig who is boarding with Heartland. Frankie's mom has been looking for a farm property for awhile now, as she knows Frankie needs a more fulfilling life with other pig companions. Because Frankie has been doing normal piggy stuff (like tearing up her house!) while she continues her property search, he'll be living the #sanctuarylife at Heartland until his new forever home is found. Boarding is a helpful source of monthly income for our sanctuary, with the added bonus of helping out individuals in our community by providing a safe space for their companions to live their best lives.

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