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Miniature Shetland sheep
Arrived: 2012-06-15

Flower is outgoing, playful and sassy. She also has the loudest "BAAAA" in the barn.


Flower cannot turn down a carb - she loves bread! She also loves playing in the pasture, and sneaking into the kitchen area for extra snacks!

About Flower

Flower came to Heartland as a tiny baby with her sister, Blossom. Her mom was unable to feed the two girls, so they didn't bond with her. Instead, Flower became very attached to people. After arriving at Heartland, Flower was diagnosed with a liver fluke that prevented her from properly absorbing nutrients, which resulted in her being very petite for several years. Thanks to countless hours of research and treatment from our medical team and the vets at the UW Madison Vet Hospital, Flower's weight has increased and stabilized (and now she and Blossom are hard to tell apart!)

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