Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Arrived: 2017-12-11

Esther is the unofficial greeter of Heartland: she is very social, friendly and loves attention.


Esther loves head scratches and will use your legs as her own personal scratching post. She loves roaming the barn and visiting her animal friends, and soaking in the sunshine on warm days.

About Esther

Esther came to Heartland after her owner passed away unexpectedly. The owner's brother (and executor of her estate) became overwhelmed and made plans to euthanize all of her animals, including Esther. Thankfully, the owner's neighbor and close friend stepped in when he found out what was going to happen and reached out to HFS to see if we could provide Esther with a safe forever home. Esther has completely made herself at home at Heartland, and spends her days toddling around the sanctuary, receiving affection and attention everywhere she goes.

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