Bourbon Red Turkey
Arrived: 2011-07-15

Esme is very sweet, vocal, and particular. She knows what she likes, and definitely knows what she doesn't like.


Esme loves grapes, sitting in front of the big barn fan in warm weather, and "supervising" her chicken friends.

About Esme

Esme was raised by a young girl who cared for her very well, but her neighbors complained about all the noise and Esme's owner was forced to surrender her. Esme (who was originally named Jake) came to Heartland with her sweet companion, Eddie the turkey, who sadly passed away in early 2020. Esme is a senior gal who spends her days doing exactly what she wants, which is usually sitting in front of her fan while snacking on walnuts and grapes. She doesn't care for visitors much, so we make sure Esme gets her preferred peace and quiet.

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