Cream Puff

Emden Goose
Arrived: 2022-11-10

After their adventures in the wild, Cream Puff is still settling in and learning what the sanctuary life is all about. They're also currently making friends with fellow HFS goose, Gracie.


Listening to Taylor Swift, hanging in their pool, making lots of honkin' conversation with Gracie.

About Cream Puff

Cream Puff is a domestic goose who was dumped at a retention pond in Cross Plains. The Cross Plains community really rallied around this goose (and lovingly named them Cream Puff) and while they were sad to see them go, Cream Puff wouldn't have survived through the winter, as domestic geese cannot migrate to warmer climates, find food or defend themselves from predators. While CP was literally a "sitting goose" with nowhere to go, they're now safe, warm and absolutely loved at HFS.

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