Lionhead Rabbit
Arrived: 2023-01-14

Brucey enjoys meeting new people and (slowly) exploring new places. While he can be a bit shy at first, he's a very curious and sweet little guy once he gets to know you.


Munching on cilantro and parsley, crawling into your lap for a craisin, being admired by the HFS summer campers and therapy participants.

About Brucey

Brucey is a Lionhead Rabbit who was rescued by our good friends (and bunny experts) Nisie and Mike of Sammy Saves the Earth. Late last July, Little Brucey was spotted hiding in some bushes (while being barked at by a dog). Mike and Nisie were able to capture him and take him home, and they've been kindly fostering Brucey until he was ready to come to the sanctuary. He's estimated to be just over a year and a half old, and won everyone over with his love of crawling on your lap for treats, grooming his impossibly cute mane and meeting our therapy participants.

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