Miniature Shetland Sheep
Arrived: 2012-06-01

Blossom used to be very shy, and while she's still more reserved than Flower, she's really opened her heart during her time with us. Once she gets to know you, Blossom will let you scratch her chest - and she might even paw you if you happen to pause on said scratches.


If she lets you pet her, she won't let you stop :) Blossom also loves napping in the sunshine and grazing with Teddy.

About Blossom

Blossom and her sister, Flower, were born on a farm. Their mom wasn’t able to feed them, so they unfortunately didn’t bond with her. She ended up being hand-raised by humans. Blossom and Flower came to Heartland in June 2012 as wee little babies! They are both very sweet, although Blossom is definitely the more reserved of the two!

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