Arrived: 2022-11-18

Very curious and friendly. If you approach Betula, she'll come right up to you to see what's shakin'.


Betula loves hanging out with Aspen, her hen friend and protector. The two love sharing salads and dust bathing together.

About Betula

It began with a plea: A relative had been evicted from his farm property, leaving behind over 40 animals — cats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and one lone goat—who were now left to fend for themselves. Through a collaborative effort between Heartland, Madison Cat Project, the Jefferson County Humane Society and HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) all 43 animals were rescued from the property just as winter temperatures dipped into dangerous territory. While many of the hens were personally adopted by the Shelter Manager of Jefferson County Humane Society, a group of them (Betula included) will live out their lives at our sanctuary. They've already been nicknamed the "Watertown 7". After their rescue, Betula was taken to the vet where it was discovered she has cancer, so we're making sure the time she has left is filled with compassion and kindness.

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