Heartland Farm Sanctuary, 2022

Beth Skogen Photography - www.bethskogen.com

Betty White

Yorkshire Pig
Arrived: 2022-09-14

Betty is very curious, spirited and fast! She's freshly off quarantine from her spay surgery, so we've been letting her slowly explore different areas of the barn - she loves zoomin' around!


Betty loves mealtimes, burrowing in her straw bed and chewing on her play tire toys!

About Betty White

Betty is a transport truck survivor. In May 2022, when Betty was just a tiny piglet, she jumped or fell from a truck most likely headed to a "nursery barn" which is the second to last stage in pork production. Instead, she landed on the Interstate, and even though she was bruised and banged up, she managed to evade the sweet Samaritans who were trying to keep this tiny piglet from running into traffic. They finally caught her, and they kept her safe and loved before realizing just how quickly these pigs grow. They desperately needed a home for Betty before winter, and we were honored to be able to help. Betty was brought to the UW Veterinary Hospital for her spay surgery and vaccines, and officially arrived at Heartland on September 16th. She's currently on stall rest until she's healed from surgery, so for now, it's all about letting Betty decompress and find comfort in her new sanctuary home. (photo by Beth Skogen)

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