Potbellied Pig
Arrived: 2018-04-02

Arnold is a little bossy, but we love him for it. He's also a very sensitive guy, which we can all appreciate and relate to. Arnold's bravery has been blossoming since his arrival to HFS, and you'll often see him grazing WAY out in the pasture, next to the llama trio.


Once afraid of water, Arnold now LOVES his mud pit! He also likes naps in the straw and the occasional belly rub!

About Arnold

Arnold was rescued from the hometown animal shelter of one of Heartland's staff members. Arnold sat in a kennel in the dog and cat shelter for almost two months, surrounded by barking dogs. He was adopted out once but then promptly brought back. Potbellied pigs aren't easy, and they're not the right companion animal for most people. We didn't have high hopes that Arnie would find a forever home. At the beginning of April 2018, brave little Arnold made the trip to Heartland. We are thankful to the animal shelter who realized what Arnold really needed - not an "indoor-only" home with a litterbox - but a sanctuary life, with fresh air, dirt to root around in, a cozy straw bed with blankets to nest in, and other pig friends.

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