Stock Gifts to Heartland

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Heartland Farm Sanctuary is Wisconsin’s rescue resource for suffering farm animals, and each animal saved gives back to thousands of children each year through our animal-assisted therapy programs for vulnerable youth, humane education tours, and other outreach efforts to teach people of all ages to be caring and compassionate to animals, and each other.

Your stock gift to Heartland will help provide a place of refuge and healing for many more animals and children, and may offer substantial tax benefits to you as well. To make a stock gift to Heartland Farm Sanctuary, please contact TD Ameritrade at (608) 841-4055 with the following information:

•  Heartland Farm Sanctuary, Inc. Tax/Employer ID Number: 27-0244485

•  DTC Number: 0188

•  Account Registration/Title Name: Heartland Farm Sanctuary

We would appreciate receiving notice that you are giving a stock gift to Heartland so that we may provide you our brokerage account number and ensure you receive an acknowledgement and receipt for your tax purposes. Please email or call 608-440-1118 for information and assistance. Thank you.

“Since the height of the recession in 2007, stocks have almost doubled in value. If you’re fortunate enough to own stock that has gone up in value since you purchased it, you should consider giving some or all of it to your favorite charity. This will not only help a good cause, but enable you to reap substantial tax savings.” – Stephen Fishman, J.D.

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