Heartland’s Rehoming Program


At Heartland Farm Sanctuary, we house as many farm animals as is financially and humanely possible. Unfortunately, the large number of animals that need a safe home is much higher than the Heartland barn can contain. To help connect farm animals to forever homes, we have created Heartland’s Rehoming Program to connect people surrendering animals with people looking to adopt a new companion.

If you would like to surrender or rehome an animal, please email our staff person, Stephanie Wittig. Be sure to include your name, contact information, and a description of the animal.

 Little Duck, Quackers, and Pip: These three were purchased from a local feed mill as ducklings 7 years ago. Luckily for them, they were bought by two 11-year-old girls who wanted to love and raise them. Now, the 11-year-olds are 18 and heading off to college, and Little Duck, Quackers and Pip need a new home. All three ducks are extremely bonded. They like gentle showers from the hose on hot summer days. They like to follow each other around the yard as long as someone is watching them and keeping them safe from predators. They have a small pool they like to swim in, but have never had the opportunity to swim in an actual pond. Little Duck is a female mallard, and Quackers and Pip are Pekins. If you can provide these ducks with a loving home, please contact Teresa at (262) 337-0202.

Two handsome roosters: These two boys are both from John Blehm (chickhatchery.com) who is very particular about his Ameraucanas.  About 15 months old with beautiful black eyes, one is black and the other is a new lavender/black cross from his latest twist on the breed.  The hens lay blue-green eggs, so any offspring of these roosters may lay colored eggs.  Both roosters are very healthy and are used to roaming free, with an enclosure for roosting. If you’re interested, please contact Carol at ae5446@hotmail.com or 920-619-1502.

Zoe Zoe: This sweetheart is a five-year-old llama who has some medical issues for the time being that require some physical therapy by an able-bodied person. The hope is that she will improve with time and effort, but her current owners have physical limitations that prohibit them from giving her the care she needs. This gentle lady has a lust for life! If you want to learn more about Zoe, please contact Tina at (920) 240-6624.




Shadow: Shadow is a Shetland pony mare available to a loving home. Shadow was born in 1999 and is 17 years old. She has a history of occasional laminitis, so she needs regular hoof trimming by competent farrier. She receives 1/4 tablet of pergolide a day. Shadow is a good-natured, adorable pony. Health records and hay are available to her adopter. For more information on beautiful Shadow, contact Brad at 608-338-3775 or bjscriv@gmail.com.  .
Ella: Ella is a super cute older cat who needs a new home. Ella has been with her current owners since she was born at the Humane Society. Her two front paws are slighted deformed, so her claws are permanently out. But she doesn’t scratch anything but her scratching post. She loves adults, snuggling at night and keeping somewhat active for a 13 year old.  Ella dislikes kids, dogs ad unclean litter boxes. Ella would be perfect for a single person who wants to give her some TLC in her later years. If you’re interested in sweet Ella, contact Bob at 608-335-9161.      
Romeo: Romeo is a 2-year-old male potbellied pig who URGENTLY needs a foster or permanent loving home. He is a friendly pig who is no longer wanted at his current home. He is currently not neutered, but this will be provided prior to Romeo going to a foster or permanent home. Transport to his new home will also be provided. If you are interested in giving sweet Romeo a safe and happy life, please contact Chloe Dercks at 920-372-3835. .

Spencer: Spencer (aka Goose) is the result of a parent hatching eggs as an experiment for their kids, with no intention of actually having chickens. The surviving chicks were quickly dumped with a friend of a friend who had backyard chickens. Although this big handsome guy has settled in and loves his home, Spencer is illegal in his village and not adored by his neighbors. He’s an amazing finder of treats for the hens and has an entertaining song and dance when he locates something great. He’s also determined to protect the girls from dogs, hawks, airplanes and possibly your kids. 🙂 He’s looking for a safe coop, a few lovely ladies to protect and a place he can crow you the song of his peeps! If you’re interested in adopting Spencer, please contact Heidi at tab6ak@aol.com. .
Wendell: Meet sweet Wendell the steer! Wendell is located near Elkhorn, WI and is extremely friendly.  He currently lives with horses, dogs and cats. He’s about 5 years old and his current owner has had him since he was only few weeks old. Due to his current owner’s work schedule and personal and financial circumstances, Wendell needs to find a new home. If you’re interested in meeting handsome Wendell, please contact Raven at ms.ravende@yahoo.com.  




Milk Duds & Lu: Milk Duds and Lu (Lucifer) are 5-year-old neutered male Nigerian Dwarf goats in need of a home with more goat experience. Milk Duds requires some special care due to a previous urinary calculi. He had surgery to correct the problem but still occasionally passes stones, requires a special diet, and needs extra cleanup in the barn due to more frequent urination. They are currently located in Galena, IL. They do not need to be rehomed together. To learn more about these adorable guys, please contact Kat at kvelo@cvrenergy.com. .  
5 potbellied pigs in Cincinnati: These five pigs currently live at an “educational farm” in the Cincinnati area that is closing. They need to find homes ASAP. Can you, or anyone you know, help?! 🐖

1. Piggy Sue – Female – Unaltered – Age Unknown – Not paired with any pig

2. Penelope- Female – Unaltered – Approx. 3-8 Years Old – Paired with Petunia

3. Petunia (Black) – Female – Unaltered – Approx. 3-8 Year Old – Paired with Penelope

4. Fiona – Female – Unaltered – 10 Years old – Paired with Finley

5. Finley – Male – Altered – 10 Years old – Paired with Fiona

If you’re interested in welcoming any of these pigs into your family, please contact Garrett Parsons at 614-935-6924 or garrettp13@gmail.com.


11 Goats Looking for New Homes! Please click here to learn more about this sweet group! The goats have bonded into family groups; these groups sleep together in a pile every night, most of the groups are mother and her kids. All males have been castrated (they are now wethers). There is a total of 11 goats that are looking for loving homes. If you can open your heart to these wonderful goats, please email Jenny at jennyulbricht@yahoo.com or call 414-303-7204.