Baine’s Fund

Honor Baine’s memory with your donation to help farm animals in need

On June 29, 2017, Heartland Farm Sanctuary lost one of our most inspiring rescued residents – Baine the goat. Born without the use of his back legs and very limited use of his front legs, Baine came to Heartland in 2014 and quickly captured the hearts of all who met him. Baine loved cruising up and down the Heartland barn in his custom-made cart, looking for snacks, hay and head scratches. He embodied the spirit of embracing the life circumstances we are given, learning to create a fulfilling life and sharing the joy with those around us. Baine was a healer who embodied the mission of Heartland, and we’re honoring his life by establishing Baine’s Fund.

Donations to Baine’s Fund will go toward veterinary expenses to help us provide the best possible care for our rescued farm animals, and allow us to rescue more farm animals in need, including special-needs animals like Baine. If you donate $500 or more, you’ll receive your own personalized plaque on Baine’s Memorial Wall. Our special goat inspired so many during his years at Heartland, but now his little cart sits empty. Please help us “fill Baine’s cart” with your donation to his Fund. Together we can keep his legacy going for a very long time.

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