Animal Hearts

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A Weekly Group for Children Impacted by Trauma or Loss

Heartland Farm Sanctuary invites children ages 8 through 12 impacted by trauma or loss to participate in our weekly Animal Hearts Kids’ Program, a fun, supportive, engaging group at our barn. Our Spring 2017 session ended on Thursday, June 8th and we’re proud to report it was a wonderful success. Information on future Animal Hearts sessions will be available soon.

Our staff and volunteers have discovered firsthand how Heartland’s animals lift our spirits, provide gentle companionship, and offer us the opportunity to give back. Each of our 80 rescued animals – goats, pigs, llamas, sheep, and more – have their own stories of challenge and healing. Our animals are healthy and well-socialized, and enjoy contact with people of all ages. Children who have experienced trauma and loss can especially benefit from this relaxing, fun time to just be kids in a supportive group environment. Confidentiality will be maintained.

Activities include light animal care, opportunities for learning, and interaction with both people and animals in a group setting. All activities are appropriate for participants’ ages and abilities.

Heartland Farm Sanctuary is located at 11713 Mid Town Road in Verona, WI.