Meet Ernest Acorn!

Welcome, Ernest Acorn!

Meet Ernest Acorn, Heartland’s newest rescued rooster (you can call him Ernest or Ernie for short, he doesn’t mind)! Ernest was rescued from a large cockfighting bust just a few hours away from Madison. People are often surprised to hear that cockfighting happens here. Sadly, it’s more common than most people think. Ernest was rescued by our great friends at Farm Bird Sanctuary, and based on his appearance, he’s been through a lot. Like most cockfighting rescues, Ernest has had his wattle, earlobes and comb cut off, which is commonly done to birds bred for fighting. This is either done because of “tradition”, or because the wattle, earlobes and comb can be damaged during a fight, resulting in serious injury. Now, dear Ernest gets to live the sanctuary life! We have found that roosters rescued from cockfighting make excellent caretakers. These special birds, who have been bred for violence, are often the most gentle and open-hearted. After all they’ve been through, they somehow learn to trust again.

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