Say hello to Karen Irwin, our March Volunteer of the Month! Karen has been volunteering at Heartland for several years and currently works on the fantastic Thursday morning animal care shift. Karen’s hilarious sense of humor and kind personality, along with her work ethic, make her an amazing part of the Heartland family. Thank you for all you continue to do for us, Karen! 

1. What do you do in your time outside of Heartland? Outside of HFS I spend the majority of my time working in my perennial gardens at home, as well as at our own farm property. Just as at HFS, it is time consuming, doing maintenance at the property and working in veggie gardens, as well as enjoying outdoor activities. Labors of love!

2. How did you find out about Heartland? What got you interested? I knew that I wanted to do service work/volunteer after I retired from teaching. I found out about HFS doing an online search. It is a perfect fit for me.

3. Can you describe a favorite/memorable moment or event at HFS? My favorite moments came several years ago when Tera R. (Heartland’s Ambassador) and I spent a large amounts of time working with the llamas. Mick is still somewhat reluctant about the handling and haltering scenarios, however.

4. What is your favorite part about volunteering for HFS? My favorite part? Just one? Well, I’ll say that it is being part of the amazing, fabulous, fun, talented Thursday morning crew! <we rock>

5. What do you wish other people knew about Heartland? I wish others knew of HFS’ dedication to their mission to helping the rescued animals, and to make connections with the area communities.

6. If you could adopt only one HFS animal, who would you pick and why? I absolutely would adopt the llamas! They make my heart happy.

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- Heartland Farm Sanctuary | March 1, 2018 at 5:29 pm

[…] Say hello to Karen Irwin, our March Volunteer of the Month! Karen has been volunteering at Heartland… […]

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