Say hi to Dan, our first volunteer of the month in 2018! Every week, Dan drives from Illinois and dedicates his entire Sunday (10 AM to 7 PM!) to working at the sanctuary. He works the morning animal care shift, does construction and repair projects for several hours, and then works the evening shift! “I can count on Dan to do construction things in the barn, repair fencing AND also do great work with all the animal chores. He truly loves animals and is also very humble, thoughtful and kind,” said Shelter Director Alecia Torres. We absolutely admire Dan’s passion for providing the best care to Heartland’s rescued animals and his willingness to do any job (make a ramp for the emus, or act as a human chicken perch) and do it well! Dan, we couldn’t do what we do without you so thank you for joining the Heartland family!

1. What do you do in your time outside of Heartland? I read, teach myself new skills, and play video games to pass time. As far as animal activism, I just adopted three rats that were formerly used in labs- Ada, Rosa, and Marie.

2. How did you find out about Heartland? What got you interested? I was researching who to volunteer my time to, and I knew it had to be farm animals, because they have it the hardest. Google pointed me to Heartland.

3. Can you describe a favorite/memorable moment or event at HFS? We’re down by the cow pasture, getting ready to tighten the fence, and Daisy and Beau just look up at us, with an air of curiosity. This was maybe the third time I’d seen them. I’m just kneeling down to fasten some aluminum wire and I hear a galloping. I look up and see Beau bounding toward me like a gigantic puppy, no concept of the ramifications of his immense size.

4. What is your favorite part about volunteering for HFS? My favorite part of volunteering at Heartland would have to be knowing that, at the end of the day, whether all we do is bring everyone out into the pasture and feed them, or we’re weatherproofing some windows- we’re making the lives of these animals just a little better with each passing day. If it’s people turning a blind eye to Flower getting in the hay room (she could use it because she’s so skinny), or the roller derby girls all working in unison to put up an emu enclosure in less than a day, everyone’s heart is in the right place, and it’s a wonderful thing to see. It breeds hope.

5. What do you wish other people knew about Heartland? How wonderful these animals can be, with all of their different personalities and quirks. I think all the volunteers know, but to others, they really are quite the characters, and they each have their own set of friends that they hang out with.

6. If you could adopt only one HFS animal, who would you pick and why? That’s a toughie, but I’d say Beau. He’s such a sweetheart and really enjoys having people around, so he can bug them while they’re working nearby.

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January Volunteer of the Month: Dan Priester - Heartland Farm Sanctuary | January 2, 2018 at 3:32 pm

[…] Say hi to Dan, our first volunteer of the month in 2018! Every week, Dan drives from Illinois and de… […]

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