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Meet the wonderful Cindy, our November Volunteer of the Month! Cindy started volunteering earlier¬†this year and currently works on the Tuesday morning shift at the barn. After Baine passed away, Cindy surprised the staff and barn volunteers with a beautiful memorial stone that she made in his honor. One of Heartland’s elderly goats, Thunder, is currently having some mobility issues due to his old age, and Cindy helped customize a diaper for Thunder to keep him comfortable and clean at night. Cindy is also currently working on making Thunder’s special bed (which helps him safely lay down on his own at night) plush and cozy. She really has a heart for animals, and that’s why we love her! Thank you, Cindy, for all you do to keep Heartland’s animals happy and healthy!

1. What do you do in your time outside of Heartland? I work part-time at a local charity, spend time with my 2-year-old black lab mix, Willow, and my 16-year-old cat Keeker von den Hoogenmon. I also love creating things, I always have some sort of project going on; I’m artistic and love working with any and every medium.

2. How did you find out about Heartland? What got you interested? I’d read a few articles on HFS over the past years and kept it in the back of my mind as something I’d like to do once I retired. I retired in January and started at HFS soon after.

3. Can you describe a favorite/memorable moment or event at HFS? My two favorite scenes, so far, are looking out in the field when Mick & Thor are in one of the low lying areas and all I can see are two long necks with ears looking at me; and I love watching the lady turkeys from behind when they go from one place to another because they just seem to be so thrilled to be going anywhere.

4. What is your favorite part about volunteering for HFS? All of the animals, of course, with their different and distinct personalities. Also, I was lucky to get in with a great group of people on the Tuesday a.m. shift.

5. What do you wish other people knew about Heartland? HFS seems to be a well-kept secret for the most part but, I wish other people knew of the great work and care done by an exceptional group of people who provide the best quality of life for the resident animals.

6. If you could adopt only one HFS animal, who would you pick and why? That’s too tough because they are all special but, if I had to choose today, I think I’d pick Harvey the mini pig. He’s just too cute and I love the little inverted triangle on his forehead.

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November Volunteer of the Month: Cindy Wrase - Heartland Farm Sanctuary | December 4, 2017 at 1:37 pm

[…] Meet the wonderful Cindy, our November Volunteer of the Month! Cindy started volunteering earlier th… […]

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