By Shelby Deering | September 2017

Fall is a dreamlike time here at Heartland, when the pastures turn to gold, leaves show off their fiery glory, and we embrace the changes happening all around us. One of those beautiful changes is our new Executive Director Jen Korz. She’s delighted to spend her days at Heartland, living out her passion to help animals and people.

Another welcome addition to Heartland? Harvey, a 10 month-old potbellied pig. He was rescued through a nearby animal shelter, adopted by a kind staff member who fostered him, and of course, fell in love with him. Sadly, Harvey wasn’t getting along with her dogs, so we gladly took him in. Our plan is to integrate Harvey with Tank and Percy, two of our friendliest pigs. And if for some reason Harvey doesn’t find a place in his new group, we’ll find a home that will eagerly add him to their family. He’s certainly a confident, busy, and happy little pig who loves exploring the barn and outside pastures!

Recently, we also rescued two incredibly sweet hens — Bailey and Brenda. Closely-bonded, these ladies were discovered homeless, neglected, and sick. They’ll be spoiled (and rightfully so!) in our animal trailer while we finish up a course of antibiotics. They are attached at the hip, or the wing, so to speak. They’ve unfortunately been debeaked (the tips of their beaks have been removed), which makes us think they come from the egg-laying industry. Luckily, these girls are not extreme cases, and can still eat normally. They’re constantly curious, and we’re pleased to have them here.

Another way we celebrate fall at Heartland is our beloved yearly Barn Dance—and we’re thrilled to announce that admission is FREE this year! On September 23, we’d love to see new and familiar faces alike at the barn, where guests will have some fun and learn more about us. It’s sure to be a family-friendly afternoon filled with live music, barn tours, face-painting, kids’ crafts, and a lot more. You can RSVP by emailing Jamie Monroe at Executive Director Jen Korz is also looking forward to meeting everyone.

If you can’t make it to the Barn Dance, you can certainly visit during one of our two upcoming barn tours scheduled during the month of September.

Our Fall Camp has started and will run through November 4. Much like our summer session, fall campers are excited to participate in activities that include animal care and barn chores, hikes in our apple orchard, crafts (like making decorations for the Barn Dance!), and lots of fun memories made with our farm animals. It tends to be smaller than our summer camp, which provides even more personal experiences. To check for availability, please email Camp Director Sunshine Stokes at

On September 17, we’re planning a garden shed building day, starting at 9 a.m. We’re offering this activity to veterans, and we invite all veterans to attend. For more information and to sign up, contact Alecia Torres at

Change is inevitable in life, and at Heartland, change is something we experience day in and day out. But change—new animals, new challenges—has made us what we are, and we’re stronger and better for it. So, thank you, autumn, for reminding us of how far we’ve come and far we still have to go.

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