January 2017 Barn Blog

By Shelby Deering | January 2017</em>

Winter is simply a more challenging time for us here at Heartland Farm Sanctuary—especially now that temperatures have dipped into the single digits.


Lucy in her straw nest!

But it is also a wonderfully cozy time, too. We love to see the animals all snuggled in their nests of straw, hay, and blankets. Although our animals don’t hibernate in the traditional sense, it is a time of slowing down and getting some rest, for the creatures and for us.

We’ve also been recently surrounded by the warmth of new animal friends who have joined us here at the barn—like Cookie the dwarf horse and Joan the Suffolk sheep.

This inseparable pair originally lived in a less-than-wonderful home. Joan was no longer wanted after her breeding days were over, and Cookie has substantial vision problems. They were rescued and cared for in a loving home just north of the Green Bay area.

Their owners had wanted to start their own sanctuary, but they unfortunately ended up having to move away from their farm
Cookie and Joan

Cookie and Joan

after one of them received a job out of state. They of course wanted Cookie and Joan to be loved and looked after in the wake of their unexpected departure.

They looked no further than Heartland Farm Sanctuary, where the bonded twosome will live out their days enjoying their sweet friendship. While Cookie is very confident and friendly, Joan arrived not trusting anyone, and needed to warm up to us. Only days later, Joan was openly approaching staff and volunteers, looking for treats and some scratches.

We think the duo will be great friends to the miniature donkeys. We’ll introduce them soon, and we’re hoping that they can all share the pasture space. The two lived with donkeys at their previous home, so we think it just might be a match made in heaven. Or at least in the pasture. Stay tuned for more adorable photos of these animal pals on Facebook and Instagram.


Sweet Slate the turkey

We love our turkeys here at Heartland (just come to our Thanksgiving for the Turkeys and see what we mean!). And we’re excited to announce that a new feathered friend has joined our flock—Slate the turkey.

He was found abandoned in Mount Vernon, Wisconsin, living in a tree and fighting for survival. Now that he’s living in a proper barn, Slate likes to explore every nook and cranny, perching on stall doors to watch volunteers at work. We bet he’ll enjoy getting a belly full of squash and pumpkin next Thanksgiving!


Rowdy and Moo!

Rowdy and Moo, both Nigerian dwarf goats that came to us in December 2016, have been introduced to the large goat and sheep herd, although they still crave the company of humans instead of goats. The brothers are confident little guys, and it’s been fun to watch them meet all different types of animals.

Matching the current, chilly season, the people at Heartland are slowing down a bit. We aren’t holding any events in the near future, so we can focus on keeping our animal friends nice and warm. But we are looking forward to our Gala 2017 on April 22—look for details soon!

April is when we’ll resume Public Barn Tours as well. In the meantime, feel free to schedule a Private Barn Tour and show a little love to the animals.

For now, we’re hunkering down and enjoying the snug warmth of our barn—in beds made of straw, donated blankets, and in the new friendships starting between our animals.

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