Good Egg: Tracy Henderson

Tracy with Calvin the Rooster at our Gala!

Say hello to Tracy, one heck of a “Good Egg” for Heartland! Tracy started as a Stable Supporter and animal care volunteer, and now is one of Heartland’s Volunteer Coordinators. This means she’s in charge of responding to all of the volunteer applications we receive, collecting all paperwork, answering any prospective volunteer questions, and much more! It’s a big job, and we’re so thankful to Tracy for everything she does for us.

1. What do you do outside of your time at Heartland? I’m an Esthetician, which is a skin care specialist. I have my own little studio in Sun Prairie, where I have an amazing clientele that comes to see me for facials, makeup, and waxing, and I treasure their business and their friendship. On the home front, I have a great and very patient husband, Dan,  two grown up kids, Zack (who serves on Heartland’s Board of Directors) and Jake, that no longer live at home, and my baby, Charlie, a perfect dog. I’m a voracious reader, love to hang out with friends for wine and conversation, and I’ve become an enthusiastic unskilled bowler.

2. How long have you been involved at Heartland? I’ve been involved at Heartland for about a year and a half. I initially started out as a Stable Supporter, then as an animal care volunteer, and now I help out by sorting through volunteer paperwork to free up some of the staffers’ time.

3. How did you find out about us? What got you interested? I found out about Heartland through my good friend Angela Smith, who is a former board member. When she told me about Heartland I was so excited! I’ve always loved animals and have been interested in farm policy and animal welfare issues and had been reading online about some farm sanctuaries. I had no idea that there was one in Dane County!

4. Can you describe a favorite/memorable moment or event that happened while you were at HFS? I remember walking in my first day, all nervous and excited. I’d made it about three feet into the barn when Quincy called out “Hey! Must be your first day, huh? Look at those shiny new boots!” It was a great way to break the ice, everyone knew I wasn’t going to be a pro. Later that shift, Fonzie decided to attack those same boots. Apparently the shiny polka dots were infuriating or irresistible. One of my favorite things was saying goodnight to the animals right before it was time to leave, especially Winnie. She’s such a big gentle girl, and I adore her. There’s something about being in the barn after dark that is so calming and meditative.

5. Why do you choose to support Heartland? I love the mission. “People helping animals. Animals helping people.” I think there is so much in us that needs that connection to land and to animals. It enriches our souls.

6. What do you wish other people knew about us? That there is a little piece of Heaven in Verona, WI that is making a huge difference in the lives of often neglected farm animals and also people in need. If you can’t come out and volunteer, it’s so easy to make a monthly donation and be a Stable Supporter. Even the smallest amount can make a big difference!

7. If you could adopt only one HFS animal, who would you pick and why? Oh, I just love Winnie! It might be tricky for a 900 pound pig to navigate my suburban house, but I think my dog would love her. Zeus cracks me up, and I have a soft spot for Flower and Maude.

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Good Egg: Tracy Henderson - Heartland Farm Sanctuary | February 3, 2017 at 3:32 pm

[…] Say hello to Tracy, one heck of a “Good Egg” for Heartland! Tracy started as a Stable Supporter … […]

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