Heartland's Groupon Campaign Is Complete!

Thank you for making our Groupon campaign a success! People made 113 donations of $10 each, and we received a $1,000 match from a generous supporter. This means we can bring our rescued animals on more than 40 visits to local nonprofits serving vulnerable youth! We’ll have many stories to share with you once we begin our visits.

Thank you, Groupon and G-Team, for promoting our campaign to expand our youth programs that will help at-risk, special needs, and abused and/or traumatized children. 100% of the dollars raised pay directly for these visits.

How to redeem your Groupon Voucher and Vote:

If you made a $10 donation through our Groupon campaign, you can redeem it and vote which youth organizations we visit. Here’s how:

1. Log into Groupon Madison at http://www.groupon.com/madison/ to sign in to your Groupon account (in the upper right hand corner of the page) and get your voucher code(s).

2. Go to http://heartlandfarmsanctuary.org/groupon/ to redeem your Groupon Voucher and submit your vote!

About Groupon’s G-Team

G-TeamAbout Groupon’s G-Team:  G-Team is a community outreach initiative within Groupon that brings communities together to do good, have fun, and make an impact. G-Team has been working in Madison to help mission-driven organizations like ours raise money and raise awareness, channeling the collective buying power of Groupon followers and our local supporters.