Meet the New Family Members

But I really wanted to catch up with Toby and the gang at the barn, so I went in this morning just in time to meet the new family members that joined us today, including Crystal-a 23 year-old horse that will be a companion to Cherish.
And possibly to Mick and Thor as they were very interested in their pretty, new neighbor!
We also got two beautiful, rust-colored, full-size female goats to accompany the 4 males we have  and two female turkeys to keep Eddie’s mind off of killing and eating the staff.  They are all wonderful, but I have to admit…I melted when I met this next little guy….Teddy, the new Shetland ram!
Here he is meeting Toby. 
He is not used to other animals and could care less about them. He follows people around like a dog!   I just know he’s going to be an excellent therapy animal. He looks small, but he’s smaller still when you realize that he is due to be shorn soon.  He has a full poofy coat and the cutest little curved horns.  I’d say he only weights 20 pounds or so and he’s full grown!
Here is Frances-the-sheep taking Teddy under his wing.  I didn’t even know sheep had wings!